Servizio e testa, così Viviani dopo il successo di Solarino vuole scalare la classifica del tennis mondiale

Maria Vittoria Viviani al servizio a Solarino(Foto di La 23enne lodigiana ha vinto in Sicilia il suo primo torneo Itf Diritto e rovescio, servizio e tanta testa. Maria Vittoria Viviani è attualmente al numero 960 della classifica mondiale WTA, sei posizioni più in alto rispetto alla scorsa settimana: il vero balzo lo farà […]

Association between Epilepsy and Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: A Case Report

Diana Galletta, Monica Confuorto, Ilaria Lauria, Valentina Suarato, Annamaria Califano, Anna Maria Mastrola, Fausta Micanti Abstract Epilepsy is a very complex disorder of the central nervous system. It is characterized by a sudden, disordered and excessive neuronal shock that causes different clinical evidences with specific related electroencephalogram (EEG). Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) can seriously […]

The Complexity of Life Donor Renal Transplantation: The Role and Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Approach in the Medical Route and Psychological Operation 

Diana Galletta, Ilaria Lauria, Tommaso Longobardi, Anna Maria Mastrola, Valentina Suarato, Giuseppe Loiarro, Fausta Micanti and Monica Confuorto… Abstract An analysis of the scientific literature, it was found that renal transplantation has profound psychological, existential, emotional, relational and social implications, both for the receiving patient for the donor. Consequently, it is necessary to study […]

EPA 2018 – 26th European Congress of Psychiatry, Nice, France 3-6 March 2018 | Living kidney transplantation: preoperative assessment in the donor and recipientEPA 2018 – 26th European Congress of Psychiatry, Nice, France 3-6 March 2018 |

Galletta D., Lauria I., & Cotena A. Introduction. The kidney transplantation isn’t only medical process but it also influences the patient’s body image, with difficult to accept a new part of itself (Karaminia et al.).It’s complex both for the receiving and the donor, because it’s psychological, emotional, relational and social implications, as shown in literature […]

Living kidney transplantation: preoperative assessment in the donor and recipient 

Galletta D., Lauria I., Confuorto M., Mastrola A.M., Suarato V., Micanti F. ABSTRACT Background: The study aimed to demonstrate the importance ofthe assessment of psychological profile for the evaluation of the beingready to take on the operation. Methods: It’s evaluated another pair of brothers, using the following tests: SCL-90R, IRI, graphics test, Raven’s ProgressiveMatrices and Rorschach […]

EPA 2019-27th European Congress of Psychiatry, Warsaw, Poland 6-9 April 2019 | A Systemic analysis of the emotional deregulation and the reality test impairment in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder

Galletta D., Lauria I., Confuorto M.  Introduction. The present work aims to continue a previous study that explored the role of MMPI-2 PSY-5 scales in the BPD diagnosis (Galletta et al.). In that study clinically significant elevations emerged both in the PSYC scale and in the NEGE scale, highlighting difficulties in emotional regulation and transient deficits […]

EPA 2021-29th European Congress of Psychiatry, An Innovative Online ExperienceRelationship between cognitive functions and empathy in patients with neurocognitive deficit

Galletta D., Lauria I., Suarato V., Mastrola A.M. and Confuorto M.  Introduction. Empathy is a social emotive skill that let to experience the same feelings of another person without being in the same situation. It changes during the growth becoming more over sophisticated with the involving of cognitive functions such as perspective taking (Hoffmann, 2000). […]